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Haulage management set "HMS-Dnipro"

Haulage management set “HMS-Dnipro” (TU U 30.0-30425613-010:2014; permission to applying of Ukraine №0957.14.12)) is used to ensure coordinated, efficient and safe operation of the contact electric locomotive transport at underground mines.

The system consists of a loud-speaking communication equipment for the traffic supervisor “AGDZ-Dnipro” and a signaling, centralization and interlocking system “SZB-Dnipro”.

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  • “SCB-Dnipro”

    Signaling, centralization and blocking system "SCB-Dnipro" is used for centralized automated control of the electric mine locomotives traffic in the haulage galleries of the operational mine levels where extraction is done.

    A special upper level software clearly displays real-time and archived information related to operation of the electric locomotive haulage, detected and recorded status changes of the equipment components and control commands.

  • “DVC-Dnipro”

    Dispatcher voice communication equipment "DVC-Dnipro" is used for two-way voice communication between the traffic supervisor (“SCB-Dnipro”) and the drivers of the contact electric locomotives, as well as between the locomotive drivers within the same electric haulage level.

    This equipment is an advanced analogue оf Equipment оf high-frequency dispatching communication «Ukraina».