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Shaft equipment package for control, signaling and communication "SES-Dnipro"

The shaft control, signaling and communication system “SES-Dnipro” (TU U 26.2-30425613-009:2012 permission to applying of Ukraine № 464.12.12 ; permission to applying of Russian Federation № РРС 00-042212) is used to control operation in the shaft where mine hoist is installed.

The equipment components, which are part of the system, communicate to each other via a digital communication interface. The use of the the digital communication allows to significantly reduce the costs of cabling, makes installation easier and ensures continuous operation of the system. All the signals from the shaft sensors, the selected operation modes are displayed in the hoist driver PC based workplace monitor. The system events are recorded and archived in the PC based workplace as well. The loud-speaker communication ensures two-way half-duplex voice link between all served levels and the hoist driver.

The package includes:

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  • “MSC-Dnipro”

    Mine shaft signaling and communication equipment "MSC-Dnipro" is used for operational coordination between the hoist driver, the banksman and cage operator during people hoisting up/down, material and equipment hoisting, shaft inspection and check at the service (people, people/material transporting) and production (skip) mine hoists.

  • “MSCT-Dnipro”

    Mine signaling and communication equipment for tunnel hoists "MSCT-Dnipro" is used for operational coordination between the banksman, hoist driver, winch drivers’ control panel, sinking platform operator and assistant of the sinking platform operator (shaft sinking face) in the process of vertical mine shafts sinking.

  • “SCS-Dnipro”

    Shaft communication and signaling equipment "SCS-Dnipro" is used for loud-speaker communication between the hoist driver and people in a cage/bucket/skip; for transmission of the run commands (up, down, slow-up, slow-down, etc.) and status signals of the safety sensors: the rope overlap status, the cage locks position, the bucket guiding frame position, etc.

    The transmission of the run commands and status of the safety sensors can’t be disturbed/interrupted by loudspeaker communication.

    This equipment is an advanced analogue оf Teleprotection and remote signaling systems «Raduga» and «Raduga-2».

  • “BC-Dnipro”

    Batching control equipment "BC-Dnipro" is used for automated continuos monitoring and control of the skip loading process. The weight is monitored by means of strain gauges which continuously measure weight of the mined rock supplied into the loading bin. The data such as number of skips hoisted up, total weight of the payload, status of the supervised machinery are archived and can be retrieved via Ethernet LAN interface.

  • “LC-Dnipro”

    Level control equipment "LC-Dnipro" is used for remote automatic measurement of the level of mined rock in the vertical bins. In particular, it can be used to monitor the level of the receiving bin in the skip damping level. The continuously measured receiving bin level value is displayed in the monitor of the PC based hoist operator workplace.

  • “PCS-Dnipro”

    Position control sensor "PCS-Dnipro" is used to monitor the position of the moving objects, machinery and its parts (the operational distance does not exceed 160 mm). A typical application – detect the accurate stop position of the conveyance.

  • “MRSS-Dnipro”

    Magnetic reed switch sensor "MRSS-Dnipro" is used to monitor the position of the moving objects, machinery and its parts (the operational distance is in the range of 30…60 mm). A typical application – detect the end position of the moving objects.