Ukraine, 49038, Dnipro, st. Ak. Belelyubskogo, 5A


+380 56 770-30-36; +380 67 613-40-13; +380 50 459-16-55


Mine underground substation telemechanics set "UST-Dnipro" carries out:

- local and remote control of switching devices 0,4 kV, 0,69 kV, 0,275 kV, 6 kV;

- remote check of the protection devices against leakage currents;

- alarm signals;

- visualization of technical parameters of substations electrical equipment;

- remote reset of locks and protections;

- display the state of substation switching devices on the workstation and the control panel, the formation of commands for controlling switching devices;

- display of telemetry signals on the workstation and the control panel;

- archiving of information for the last 30 days.

Contactor control unitCabinet microprocessor dispatching half-kitRemote control