Ukraine, 49038, Dnipro, st. Ak. Belelyubskogo, 5A


+380 56 770-30-36; +380 67 613-40-13; +380 50 459-16-55


Shaft communication and signaling equipment "SCS-Dnipro" is used for loud-speaker communication between the hoist driver and people in a cage/bucket/skip; for transmission of the run commands (up, down, slow-up, slow-down, etc.) and status signals of the safety sensors: the rope overlap status, the cage locks position, the bucket guiding frame position, etc.

The transmission of the run commands and status of the safety sensors can’t be disturbed/interrupted by loudspeaker communication.

This equipment is an advanced analogue оf Teleprotection and remote signaling systems «Raduga» and «Raduga-2».